01 August 2016

Monthly Notables July 2016


  • Franklin's Gull (adult). Rimouski-Neigette County, Quebec. 01 July 2016.
  • Herring Gull (4th cycle type). San Diego County, California. 02 July 2016.
  • Great Lakes Gull (adult type). Delta County, Michigan. 05 July 2016.
    • Putative Herring x Great Black-backed Gull, tending toward GBBG. Presumably reoccurring in the region since at least 2012. Noteworthy is that not many Great Lakes hybrids are seen/reported in the summer months. Initially reported as a Slaty-backed Gull.
  • Franklin's Gull (adult). Essex County, Massachusetts. 07 July 2016.
  • Laughing Gull (1st summer). Capital County, British Columbia. 08 July 2016.
  • Glaucous Gull (2nd summer type). Essex County, Ontario. 08 July 2016. 
  • Lesser Black-back Gull (1st summer). Cook County, Illinois. 11 July 2016.
  • Little Gull (adult type). Fulton County, Illinois. 12 July 2016.
  • Western Gull (adult type). Alamosa County, Colorado. 14 July 2016.
    • Continuing from June 2016.
  • Laughing Gull (2nd cycle type). Kiowa County, Colorado. 16 July 2016.
  • California Gull (2nd summer type). Kenai Peninsula County, Alaska. 17 July 2016.
  • Lesser Black-backed Gull (1st summer). Glaveston County, Texas. 18 July 2016.
  • Western Gull (2nd summer). Washington County, Colorado. 18 July 2016.
    • Continuing from June 2016.
  • Lesser Black-backed Gull (1st & 2nd summer). Washington County, Colorado. 18 July 2016.
    • Now with 2-3 birds summering in the state annually. 
  • Lesser Black-backed Gull (1st summer). Portage La Prairie, Manitoba. 21 July 2016.
    • Continuing from June 2016.
  • Slaty-backed Gull (adult). Pierce County, Washington. 21 July 2016.
    • Possibly summering. Presumed to be a reoccurring individual from the last several winters.
  • Mew Gull (1st summer). Humboldt County, California. 27 July 2016. 


  • A pair of Bonaparte's Gulls was documented nesting in far northeast Maine. Incubating was observed, but the nest failed. The site (undisclosed) is beyond the southeast terminus of the species' known breeding range. Bonaparte's aren't known to breed anywhere in the lower 48 states.
  • Up to 15 Black-legged Kittiwakes are summering in Barnstable County, MA. Although not as spectacular as last July, Cape Cod remains the farthest south this species summers - anywhere in the world! All of the MA birds are 1st summer individuals.
  • At least 2 juvenile Sabine's Gulls were seen on a pelagic trip in San Mateo County, CA on 16 July 2016. I was unable to find an earlier date for juvenile SAGU this far south in North America.
  • Indiana reported a record high of Bonaparte's for July (and the summer season in general): 133 - all but 2 adults - migrating on Lake Michigan. 30 July 2016.