04 August 2014

Late First Summer Little Gulls: Manitowoc

Although Bonaparte's numbers were down to about a dozen or so at the Manitowoc Impoundment, we managed 2 first summer Little Gulls on Friday:

Little Gulls completing 2nd prebasic molts. Also pictured here is a Semipalmated Plover, Semipalmated Sandpiper and Least Sandpiper (bottom left corner). Manitowoc, WI. 01 Aug 2014. 

First summer Bonaparte's are a bit behind Little Gulls in flight feather molt. Consider this one-year old that is still holding on to half of its juvenile (1st basic) secondaries and a few outer primaries:

Boanaparte's Gull (undergoing 2nd prebasic molt). Manitowoc, WI. 01 Aug 2014.
I then made a quick stop to Sheboygan where I recorded 11 Lesser Black-backeds. This is rather extraordinary seeing that Herring numbers were down to less than 75 individuals. Herring juveniles were out and about and fully fledged by now:

Lesser Black-backed (1st summer). This one-year old is just now beginning to show a pale bill base. 

Almost completely done growing all of its flight feathers. It's safe to call this bird a 2nd cycle now.

A rather shaggy and dishevled juvenile American Herring. The tertials and greater coverts are without a doubt the plainest I've seen on a recently fledged Herring. Manitowoc, WI. 01 August 2014.

Small bill on this American Herring is already paling. Note that the bill may not be fully grown yet (as the outer primaries are still growing).

"In Your Face" Juvenile American Herring.

Typical juvemile American Herring for Great Lakes region.

First summer American Herring molting into 2nd basic. 

First summer American Herring molting into 2nd basic.