28 December 2016

Banded 1st & 4th Cycle American Herrings

A couple of more known-age, known-origin Herrings to close the 2016 calendar year.

Kane County, Illinois. 22 December 2016.

At the end of its hatch year, this 1st cycle shows complete post-juvenile scapular molt. This appears to be a typical molt state for our Great Lakes Herrings, sometimes taking place by early to mid-September. A single lesser upperwing covert has been adventitiously replaced.

Band number: 1176-41708. Banded as a flightless chick on 19 June 2016. Door County, WI.

In its first "adult" plumage, this 4th cycle (i.e., 4th basic plumage) cooperated for a full band read.
Band number: 1106-27454. Banded as a flightless chick on 25 June 2013. Door County, WI.

The underwing pattern shows extensive black, even for a Great Lakes Herring.

P10 mirror is relatively small and does not extend across the entire outer web. P4 shows a distinct spot on the outer vane, something shown by a minority (< 15%) of the adult type Herrings I see.

The most telling sub-adult-like feature is the marked outer greater primary coverts. We regularly see individuals like this and assume they are young adults. Such an assumption appear to be generally true.