10 August 2012

Juvenile Gulls for Summer Doldrums

Let's face it, summer gulls are not very attractive as most are undergoing their complete molts. Both body and flight feathers are a mess, it's hot outside, and the birds look miserable! This can be a total turnoff unless you're fascinated by molt timings.

BUT, there's always juveniles to be enjoyed - they're downright gorgeous!

 American Herring Gull. Chicago, IL; 02 August 2012.

 Great Black-backed Gull. Cape May, NJ; 06 August 2012.

Ring-billed Gull. Chicago, IL; 28 June 2012.
And one of my favorite juvenile plumages:

Laughing Gull. Milford, DE; 05 August 2012.

Juvenile Laughing Gull. Lewes, DE; 05 August 2012

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