03 October 2012

Berrien County Gulls

One thing I've tried to do more of lately is get out to Berrien County, Michigan as fall migration picks up. Some photos from this past Sunday:

First cycle Franklin's. First found resting about 200 yards out on the lake with a few of the large gulls, this bird readily came in when the Ring-billeds started feeding on my offerings.
Adult Bonaparte's Gull. This bird, along with another first cycle below, came right in and landed on the beach.
First cycle Bonaparte's.
 The only large gulls of note were two Lesser Black-backeds - one adult on the lake at Warren Dunes SP, and one 2nd cycle at the beach  at New Buffalo. The adult was way too far out resting on the lake and the 2nd cycle was a flyby:

2nd cycle Lesser Black-backed.