13 April 2015

2nd Cycle GBBG with Fish & 1st Cycle RBGU with Wide Tailband

Calumet Park. Chicago, IL. 12 April 2015.

Great Black-backeds generally don't allow close approach on Lake Michigan, but this youngster has let its Spring restlessness get the best of it.

I was able to patiently stalk it and eventually shorten the distance between us:

And a nice show was had...

Next up, the tailband on this 1st cycle Ring-billed is impressive, with dark coming all the way up towards the bases of the outer tail feathers:

These bands are variable - some being very narrow while others as thick as what's seen on the bird above (here's a collage I've put together demonstrating this).

Finally, the "pink" Ring-billeds on the lakefront continue to increase. The discoloration of their legs is, again, more evidence that they've been exposed to an external substance (i.e., iron ore dust/powder):