09 October 2016

6th Cycle American Herring Gull

A short visit to New Buffalo on Friday, 07 October 2016, yielded this cooperative adult that allowed a full band read:

#1106-19489. Banded as a flightless chick in Egg Harbor, Wisconsin on 15 June 2011.

The bill is relatively small for Herring, suggesting a female type. 

Although the black w-band on p-5 (right wing) is typical, the white tongue tip is not.
Primaries out to p7 fully grown.

P8 almost fully grown, p9 about 1/3 grown and p10 just coming out beyond the wrist.
Outermost and innermost secondaries growing. Most secondaries still tucked under greater coverts.

There was a 2nd banded HERG too but a hopeless chance of capturing the entire sequence:

Dirty band in need of replacement. The condition of this band doesn't neccessarily imply the bird is old. It could just be this individual has been exposed to lots of "sticky" stuff.