13 March 2017

First Cycle Herring with Band-tail

The title of the post says it all. Here's another 1st cycle Herring with white base color to the uppertail coverts and a thinner, more pronounced, tail band than a typical smithsonianus.

Lake County, Illinois. 10 March 2017.

What would this bird be called in Japan?

With a vegae/argentatus tail band, the undertail coverts are sparsely patterned with thin markings. 

Not surprising, this isn't a chocolate-brown Smith. Like many vegae, it shows silvery 2nd generation scapulars with a faint pattern to the wing coverts.

A different view of the uppertail (sorry for the chopped off wing)...

No known-origin American Herring has revealed such a 1st basic tail pattern, yet!