30 November 2017

Wisconsin Point Thayer's Bonanza

A weekend run up to Wisconsin Point last week was most enjoyable! I spent most of Saturday with Wisconsin native Robbye Johnson, Peder Svingen and Jan & Larry Kraemer. Wisconsin Point sits at the Minnesota/Wisconsin state line with Duluth being - literally - a rock's throw from where we were gull-watching. There was no shortage of Bald Eagles here which kept the gulls on edge, but I eventually managed to bring in a frenzy of Herrings, a couple of Glaucous and 14 Iceland Gulls (12 thayeri, 2 kumlieni).  Some highlight photos:

A noticeably paler-winged Iceland Gull. 

1st cycle thayeri. Photo 1 of 2.

1st cycle thayeri. Photo 2 of 2.

2nd cycle Iceland. A somewhat intermediate individual. Photo 1 of 2.

2nd cycle thayeri. Photo 2 of 2.