10 March 2015

Druid Lake Gulls: Baltimore

An unexpected trip to the Baltimore area allowed for a few hours of gull patrol last weekend. Druid Lake adjacent to the Baltimore Zoo had the most interesting gull congregation in the area:
  • 350 Ring-billed Gulls (7:1 first cycles to adult types)
  • 16 Great Black-backeds (all ages)
  • 7 Herring Gulls (1 first cycle and 6 adults)
  • 1 Lesser Black-backed Gull (3rd cycle type)
  • 1 Bonaparte's Gull (adult type)
The Ring-billeds were noticeably restless and much more active than my local RBGUs are at the time. Here's a goregeous 1st cycle that sat patiently for us:

Ring-billed Gull (1st cycle). Baltimore, MD. 07 March 2015.