18 December 2013

A Good Story: Rescued 1st Cycle Herring Resighted

I photographed this 1st cycle Herring Gull in Berrien County, Michigan on 07 December 2013:

Federal Band #: 1056-91109
I thought it was odd that it had its band on its left leg, and so I made sure to get its federal band number. Turns out, the bird was rescued by the Wisconsin Humane Society and looked after at the Wildlife Rehabilitiaon Center in Miwaukee. Here's the full story, sent to me by manager Scott Diehl, who also banded the bird:

Hello, Amar.
Thank you for sending the link to your photos of the banded gull. We wildlife rehabilitators always like to hear about how our former patients are doing, especially if it is good news!
The story on this particular bird was that on June 30th, 2013, as a fledgling, it had fallen into a large, fenced-in window-well or air shaft on a commercial building here in Milwaukee, WI. The bird was evidently hatched on the roof of the building. The fencing around the window well was 6'-high and topped with barbed-wire, so our rescue volunteer, Mary, had to squeeze under the fence to rescue the young gull. The gull would have surely died in a couple of days if not rescued.
We did not have access to try putting the gull back on the roof in the hope that its parents would resume care for it. So, we brought it to our wildlife hospital here in Milwaukee and cared for it for 22 days. For about 2 weeks before release it was housed in an outdoor flight cage with other young gulls so it could build up muscle strength and endurance.

Again, thank you for taking the time to share your images of your enconter with this bird with us.
1st cycle American Herring. Found in Beerien County, Michigan. 07 December 2013.
Many factors are involved in nest-site selection (nearby food source, saftey from predators, etc.), but gulls, and birds in general, commonly nest in places that jeporadize their young once it's time to fledge. What an awesome thing, when humans step in and give wildlife a hand. I have much respect and admiration for those people who do this work.

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