20 December 2013

Hammond Thayer's: 18 Dec 2013

A quick stop at Hammond Marina produced 2 adult type Thayer's, 1 Glaucous and 1 Great Black-backed among some 80 Herring Gulls.

Today was a big reminder of how terrible photographing gulls on water could be on bright sunny days. As is often the case, there's either too much light or not enough!

Thayer's Gull (adult type with paler iris). Hammond, IN. 18 Dec 2013.
Thayer's Gull (adult with darker iris and more streaked head). Hammond, IN. 18 Dec 2013.
Same individual above - may be an individual seen at Calumet Park in Chicago earlier in the afternoon.

I missed my target bird here (a reoccurring Kumlien's adult), but was rewarded with an adult type Glaucous and Great Black-backed. Notice the outer primary and central secondary molt on the GBBG. Could this be an indication of a more long-distant migrant?