02 September 2014

Lesser Black-backed: Michigan City

This first summer Lesser Black-backed Gull has been hanging out at the beach in Michigan City for the last week or so.

LBBG (first summer). Michigan City, IN. 01 Sept 2014.

 It's nearly done with its primary molt here in early September:

P1-P8 new 2nd basic, P9 dropped, P10 retained 1st basic (=juvenile).

Around 14 months old now and still showing an almost entirely black bill. It's not uncommon for a Lesser this old to show this bill pattern, but note the almost always reliable pale nail:

An interesting experience while observing this bird, a young boy, perhaps, 10 or 11 years old walked up to us and asked if he can feed the gulls a piece of bread. Well, he did, after picking up a 2nd cycle Ring-billed and hand feeding it...this was a bizarre experience, but it was obvious this boy was used to handling birds in the hand.