26 October 2014

Banded Adult Herring, LBBG and Thayer's

Northern gulls continue to trickle in on southern Lake Michigan with continued sightings of Lesser Black-backeds and Thayer's Gulls in the second half of October.

Lesser Black-backed (4th cycle type). New Buffalo, Michigan. 25 October 2014.
From the open wing photo, it appears the two outer primaries and visible secondaries are retained 3rd generation feathers, hence this bird would be undergoing its 4th prebasic molt:

P1-P8 are 4th Basic. Renewal of secondaries far from complete.
I had very brief looks at this 1st cycle Thayer's Gull before it picked up and flew out on the lake:

Thayer's Gull (juvenile). New Buffalo, Michigan. 25 October 2014. 
Any day I'm able to find a banded gull - and actually record the entire nine-digit sequence - is a success! Now for today's highlight:

American Herring Gull (adult). New Buffalo, Michigan. 25 October 2014. Band #1106-15613.
It was banded as a chick while too young to fly (14 June 2010) on Chamber Island in Wisconsin.

The red pin is Chamber Island in far north Green Bay, Wisconsin (just a rock's throw from Michigan waters along the south-central border of the UP). 

There's no doubt in my mind that many of the Herrings that breed on the small islands in Door County, Wisconsin, migrate south to New Buffalo, Michigan.

Bill deeply tinged with pink. Is this a reliable mark that suggests a "young" adult Herring? Do older adults show this?

P9 two-thirds grown (no mirror). P10 one-third grown (relatively small mirror). Note the "fake" mirror at the base of P9.

No sub-adult markings on primary coverts, alula or tail. P5 with full subterminal band.

Banded Herring (left). 4th cycle type LBBG and adult type Herring (right).

P5-P7 with insignificant white tongue tips.

Of course the lighting on the water was harsh. This was the best upperwing shot I could manage. 

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