04 January 2016

Kelp Gull Accomplished with Huron Gull-wait

In between Kelp-Gull-Chasing bouts, I spent over 5 hours at the pier in Huron, Ohio on Tuesday (29 December 2015). Amazingly, a strong flock of ~ 40,000 Ring-billed Gulls saturated the area and made finding a Mew Gull (wishful thinking) difficult :).

Herring Gull numbers were in relative short supply (1,500). Not much to report here, but I did pick out a few winter gulls: 1 adult Thayer. 2 1st cycle Kumlien, adult and 3rd cycle Glaucous and 4 Lesser Black-backeds (2 ad., 3rd cycle, 1st cycle).

Kumlien's Gull (1st cycle).

Lesser Black-backed Gull (adult type).

Great Black-backed Gull (1st cycle) - similar in size to Herring Gull.

Herring Gull (1st cycle) with restricted black on bases of outer rectrices.
Leucistic Adult Ring-billed Gull (photo 1 of 2).

Leucistic Adult Ring-billed Gull (photo 2 of 2).

Hooded Adult Ring-billed Gull.

White-winged Ring-billed Gull (photo 1 of 2).

White-winged Ring-billed Gull (photo 2 of 2).

And yes, we did get the Kelp Gull in the last moments of daylight...a frustrating bird to say the least.