03 February 2018

Diametrical Tail Patterns in 1st Cycle Ring-billed Gulls

A duo of 1st cycle Ring-billeds with striking tail patterns.
East-Central Florida. January 2018.

The first shows a largely white uppertail, with what appears to be some renewed rectrices. It isn't clear which tail feathers have been renewed, but a white tail like this in January is extremely rare.

This individual likely hatched with a very thin and faint tail band. 
The outer pair of tail feathers appear to be new, and perhaps the innermost tail feather on the left.

This second bird is mostly here to show an opposite extreme. The dark bases to the outermost rectrices are not unheard of, but this tail pattern isn't very common.

The outermost seondaries and inner primaries are relatively dark for this age group.

More examples of uppertail patterns in 1st cycle Ring-billeds here:

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